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Scope your ski lines from a boat, sitting in a hot tub

Ski well above the Arctice Circle at 70 degrees north on some very remote Norwegian islands.  How do we get there? A boat, but not just any boat, the amazing Vulkana arctic spa boat.


This old Norwegian fishing boat has been transformed into an adventure vessel, retrofitted with sauna, hot tub and steam room, as well as an excellent restaurant with a zen lounge. Imagine skiing all day in one of the world’s most scenic environments then relaxing in the Hot tub or Sauna, and enjoying top quality meals and evening cocktails. This truly is a one of a kind experience and should be on everyone's bucket list.

Aurora Backcountry is proud to have worked with the Vulkana the last 6 years and can say without a doubt that this is one of the premier packages that we offer. Our Guides team up with the highly professional Vulkana crew and deliver not only great skiing but luxury in accommodation and dining. For more information about this amazing vessel check out the link to the Vulkana Website. 

Private 7 day Package
  • 7 days exploring and skiing the islands surrounding Tromsø and the Lyngen Alps 
  • 2 certified local guides.
  • 7 nights accommodation: 4 nights on the Vulkana boat and 3 nights land based
  • All Meals, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner while on the Vulkana
  • Access to the spa facilities on the Vulkana
  • In depth Avalanche Safety Training
Open Group 4 day Package
  • 4 days exploring and skiing the islands surrounding Tromsø and the Lyngen Alps 
  • Max 1:6 guide to guest ratio with certified local guides.
  • 4 nights on the Vulkana
  • All Meals, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Access to the spa facilities on the Vulkana (hot tub, sauna, turkish hammam)
  • In depth Avalanche Safety Training
  • Option to hire a private guide before or after your boat session.



  • I've looked at other Ski and Sail trips with other companies. Why should I go with you instead of them?
    The best question. The biggest difference between our trips and the others, is the boat that we use . The Vulkana is like no other ski and sail boat in the world. There is no other boat that has a fully functional restaurant, sauna, hot tub, Turkish hammam, and zen lounge. Think of the Vulkana like a floating hotel with restaurant. The Vulkana has the space that most boats do not have. Take a look at the interior pictures of other ski and sail boats. They are usually taken with a super wide angle and you will see that there is no people in the pictures. It can look pretty nice on a website... Now, add 6 or 7 people, their gear, and that space begins to look like the room of a 5 year old; Cluttered and cramped. There is no living space inside and the rooms are only good for sleeping. NOTE: PLEASE FOLLOW THE PACKING LIST - IN PARTICULAR THE PART WHERE YOU DON'T BRING HARD SUIT CASES. We have a staff of three plus 2 guides. This is required because we want the Guides to focus ONLY on guiding, the Captain to focus ONLY on managing the boat, the Chef to focus on ONLY providing you with the best prepared meals, and the Host to alway be available to stoke the fires in the sauna, make sure the hot tub is fresh and hot, having fresh towels, and there is cold beers ready to serve when you arrive back from your day in the mountains. With other ski and sail companies, the guides and the Captain are spread thin.. doing everything. We believe this can impact the quality whereas we have a staff to guest ratio of 1:2. To answer the question of price.. well, quality costs more. Boats are very expensive, good chefs are deserving of their wage, experienced boat Captains are rare, the Mountain Guides are all certified with 10 plus years experience, and when the Host brings your a fresh drink in the hot tub you'll see the value. We have priced our trips to match the value it offers. You are correct.. the other trips are cheaper. If you want your Guide to cook you pasta at the end of the day then you should book cheap and save your money. If you want your chef to put in the effort to catch a lingcod and make fresh ceviche as an appetizer then maybe book with us.
  • What ability do I need to be to join a group?
    If you can ski or snowboard confidently in powder snow down a blue run at the ski hill, then you can join us. We have 2 guides so we will split the group according to ability and objective.
  • Can my 16 year old daughter/son join?
    Yes. If your child is accompanied by you, AND you are a guardian, they can join.
  • What fitness level is required for your trips?
    We have different skill levels on all our trips, and one most of them, we can accommodate any type of previous experience. For everyone to enjoy the trip to it's fullest we require a certain amount of fitness, especially on the open trips. For private trips we can customize a trip just for your needs!
  • What if the weather is too bad to ski?
    Our Guides are experts in planning and choosing great locations to ski even if the weather is poor. Plus, did we mention the boat has a hot tub, sauna, and turkish hammam? During a poor weather day, there is nothing more satisfying than relaxing in the hot tub at a dock and seeing all the other ski and sail companies look at us with extreme envy :)
  • What gear do I bring?
    In the info-package there is a detailed packing list. Please read it carefully.
  • What's your Cancellation Policy?
    Great question! You can find our cancellation policy HERE. We highly recommend getting Trip Cancellation Insurance for everyones protection.
  • What's your Guide to Guest ratio?
    It varies between different trips, but our max is 6:1.
  • Are flights included in the price?
    No. This gives you the option to source out your own deals and extend your trip to accomodate for more adventure.
  • What's the accommodation like?
    As far as boats go.. Aside from a private Yacht this is pretty darn good. Check out the Vulkana website here for photos and more details.
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