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A unique experience in the
Lyngen Alps of Northern Norway

Russelvfjellet Morning View. Midnight Ski

Scope your ski lines from a hot tub on a boat

Ski well above the Arctic Circle at 70 degrees north on some very remote Norwegian islands.  How do we get there? A boat, but not just any boat, the amazing Vulkana arctic spa boat.


This old Norwegian fishing boat has been transformed into an adventure vessel, retrofitted with sauna, hot tub and steam room, as well as an excellent restaurant with a zen lounge. Imagine skiing all day in one of the world’s most scenic environments then relaxing in the Hot tub or Sauna, and enjoying top quality meals and evening cocktails. Think of the Vulkana as a floating ski lodge with restaurant and spa. This truly is a one of a kind experience and should be on everyone's bucket list.


Explore the arctic alps on skis (or splitboard)

No other ski and sail product is comparable. This is due to the simple fact that the Vulkana is a one of a kind vessel. The permitting process alone to get approval for the multiple wood burning fireplaces would cause any bureaucrat to have a mental breakdown.

The crew consists of a boat Captain, Chef, Host, and 2 Certified Mountain Guides. We cruise through the Norwegian islands and fjords, position ourselves at the base of a 1200m mountain and then proceed to ski tour our way to the top. A typical day in the mountains can run 6-10 hours and log between 1000-2000m of vertical.

Our map shows some of our classic locations... although we have a few more secretive locations that we would never dare advertise ;)

Where are we going on the Vulkana?

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Ski Touring the Lyngen Alps
Aurora Backcountry Ski and Sail

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Vulkana and Aurora Backcountry

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