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69 degrees north, big peaks, glaciers, and shocking views

We are located at 69° North in the Lyngen Alps of Norway. The Lyngen Alps are one of the most unique and greatest mountain destinations in the world. This remote and mostly vacant mountain range offers a lifetime of discovery and experiences that few places on earth can match.


The Lyngen Alps are famous for couloir skiing, big steep faces, and the unique "Ski and Sail" experience. Intermediate and Advanced skiers will feel challenged and rewarded. Glaciers and summits offer magnificent views of the open ocean and fjords. 


During spring and summer the arctic flora bursts to life in the midnight sun, Reindeer roam free, and waterfalls are the only sounds you hear. Photographers will be challenged to capture the magnificent colors and vistas.


Adventuring well above the Arctic Circle is an experience that is never forgotten. 

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